Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Robin Nest in Tree
acrylic on board

Fawn in trees
acrylic on canvas 12x 24

acrylic on canvas 12"x 24"

Bird Houses
acrylic on board 14"x 18"

acrylic on board


TotalD said...

God those are terrific Cathy . It is so nice to see your work again. Just terrific.

Michelle said...

Hi Kathy, wow,so nice to see that you're doing some art. These are wonderful!! What medium did you use? Glad I found you.

the doodlers said...

Nice to see you got a blog, Cathy! Lovely to see your work. We'll add you to our links.

Inquiring minds want to know, how'd ya do these? Are they photoshop? And is Steve going to start blogging too?? :)

Cheers ~Arna and John

Cathy Parkes said...

Ahh Thanks D, Michelle, and you crazy doodlers....You all are to sweet!

These paintings are done in acrylic some on canvas, some on board.

I guess I will have to get me some more learnin to post a blog that doesn't need so much splanin'!


the doodlers said...

Hi Cathy. It's very cool to se your stuff! The blog is supposed to be fun, right? So no need to explain, just post whatever...

suzie-q said...

Wow cathy your artwork is spectacular. Stop being so humble girl and tell your fam about this stuff. Amazing! Checked out your nephew Mike's stuff too. Talent definitely runs in the family.

Willy Ashworth said...

Great blogs Cathy!!

I'm just now starting to do water colour and acrylics in a very small way, {just beginning,} and I must say that I ha e great respect for those who can do it!

And you can!!

Anne said...

Just lovely paintings. You are very talented. I linked here after reading your Yurt story....I love Yurts!